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February 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

One of the reasons that I abandoned Facebook for personal blogging (other than their failure to pay a fair amount of tax) was due to the general lack of interest by others about the subjects that I wrote. It’s funny, I miss the discussions with the handful of people that did share my views and got involved, but also the opposing opinions of family and friends.

So I’ve been considering introducing a guest blog section and inviting other people that I know to speak about subjects that they are passionate about. I recently discussed species conservation after reading about extinction of the Javan Rhinos – which I initially got wrong! However, it lacked something that the other subjects like climate change, plastic pollution, and mental health always seem to elicit in me – a strong emotional response, a passion for the subject. Don’t misunderstand me, I have strong views about species conservation and some basic knowledge from my zoology days but there are people within my circle that have more knowledge and an obvious passion when they speak about this subject. I should ask them to write about this stuff, I thought.

Expanding on the idea, I thought that debate comes from views of all sides. I have a ‘need’ – sometimes an unhealthy desire – for trying to understand why other people think the way they do, and also sometimes trying to understand my own ethical reasoning. It’s a frustrating subject, especially for someone with mental health issues, but it’s important if we hope to make change for the better.

There are questions that I want to ask people, like ‘why don’t they believe that climate change is important?’, ‘why we teach the next generation that money is so important?’, ‘why purchasing unnecessary stuff rather than donating it to a developing community oversea takes priority?, ‘why people seem to joke about my small efforts to change the world?’, ‘has my mental health affected their lives too?’, etc, etc, etc.

And I wanted to understand the views, not only from my generation but from the generations before, and the future generations.

If I ask you to be a guest blogger, be privileged that I consider your opinion an important one – and be as open and honest as you like, because I won’t be editing it. And like Wendy, all writers will have the choice of writing under a pseudonym, so nobody gets to dismiss the words of a nine year old school girl who likes to dance, or a Cuban woman with political views, or a gay interior designer, or a black Jamaican women with mental illness, or a born-again Canadian wild man, or a Swedish conservationist, or a teenager on the road to Oxbridge, or a comedian in a wheelchair after a massive stroke, or a prisoner’s mother – or any of the other people I call family and friends!


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