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A Lapsed Catholic

December 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Is it easier to boycott unethical companies and corporations that one doesn’t use? The simple answer is yes, of course, but trying to justify a continued relationship with, for example, Facebook – because of the importance of the social and charitable messages within a post or the need for a controlled social contact to support mental well being – is hypocritical at best.

So then look for an alternative, like The People’s Operator instead of Vodafone or Look Mum No Hands instead of Starbucks, – but where are the ethical social media sites? Easy, the internet itself is the best example of a free platform to share things that are important and eventually connect with people from all walks of life. And a recommendation of WordPress from GreenNet seemed like a good starting point.

Why choose ‘A Lapsed Catholic’ as a blog name? I didn’t want to use my name because I’m not a professional writer or journalist, plus I didn’t want to pigeonhole the blog. Although the thoughts won’t be random, the posts will float between difference subject, different passions, different points of view. As a person, I have always resisted the labels that people are expected to put on themselves – their sex, their race, their origins, their religion, their sexuality, their job title, etc – and the only real label that I would be happy with is a lapsed catholic. It’s vague and ambiguous enough to allow the reader to fill in the gaps if they wish.

The main image on this page shows Charles Darwin, a somewhat hero of mine, and the first drawing of the tree of life and his ideas of evolution – with the phrase ‘I think’ showing an open-minded person with doubts. Having strong views about something doesn’t make it right and we should all be open to a few doubts.

Welcome to A Lapsed Catholic’s blog…….